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I need an invisible fluorescent/luminous paint? Answered

I need paint that phosphoresces under black light, in either a white or red, but is invisible under normal light. Bonus if it washes out after use.


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8 years ago

Probably your best bet in the laundry aisle would be "bluing", which is the UV "brighteners" without the detergent included, I'm told.


9 years ago

Many laundry detergents contain "whiteners and brighteners" which are really colorless dyes that fluoresce blue-white under UV (to offset the natural yellowing of fabric over time). You might be able to do something with that. You could also buy paints based on the same compound. Probably anyone who stocks day-glo paint will also stock this. Quick websearch for "colorless fluorescent paint" finds at leat one supplier. (In my 20's, I decorated a bedroom with this stuff. Nice thing about that was that I didn't have to repaint when I moved out; nobody would notice until and unless they fired up a UV lamp, and anyone who would do so would probably be amused.)