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I need blue prints for a motor that converts megnetic energy into electrical energy = science fair projects... urgent? Answered

i'm at school and came up with the idea of making a motor that converts megnetic energy into electrical energy, any help with parts needed/ blue prints/ advice will be greatly appreciated!



Thanks guys for all the help!

um is there a website/ web page that explains how to make earogel?... sounds cool as frek !!

the genorator i have in mind is one that once started will run continueusly and will always put out a current, untill stopped, it must produce enought power to power atleast a lightbulb. plans on something like that will be awsome please 

and does anyone know were i can get premaid ferro fluid or ammonia and oleic acid as those are the things i need to make ferro fluid as another idea for the fair

Hey Sam,  do you have a deadline for this science project thing?

I've got something maybe related.  It's little homemade generator toy that I've been meaning to write up as an instructable.  But I've been putting it off.

Not there aren't already a lot of 'ibles on the theme of Faraday-induction-type generator toys, e.g:

It's just that I'm conceited enough to think I can make something prettier than these.

The windbelt would be a fantastic science project, actually.


8 years ago

So, you want to know how to build a generator?

May I suggest you do something that hasn't been done a million times before?

Is this a rhetorical question, or were you about to suggest something that hasn't been done a million times before? 

I mean, now I'm really curious about this killer science project idea of yours.  Anything you want to share with the rest of the class?  Hmmmm?

What you actually want to do is convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, by using a magnetic field.

As earlier posters said, that is a generator.  Most toy DC motors will do that for you, if run in reverse: spin the rotor, a magnet (or magnets) are spun within a set of coils of wire, and generates an electric current.

You could investigate re-housing the workings of a wind-up torch, such as this clever project.

No, it's megnetic energy.


ANY motor will generate. I am sure your Science Fair teachers will know that.

Build a motor from scratch, charge a big capacitor, run the motor: repeat.

Note, you cannot use a motor to drive a generator to drive a motor etc....


THat's a generator or and alternator.  How does your idea differ from what's already been designed?