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I need cheap ideas for remodeling a bathroom using pebbles or mosaic that I can do my own? Answered

I'm planning in remodeling my bathroom and always liked pebbles or nature motives to do so. What you recomend? I going to get rid of a bathtub and putting a shower instead, because I always had limited space, maybe 6' x 10' square feet. Give me creative and cheap ideas!



8 years ago

you can buy very nice river rock from guess what.....the doller store! they come in different sizes but what scale is your project? if you have a mirror you could get bathroom caulking ( or what ever is used for it) and just glue different sized rocks in a patteren around your mirror and sink. you can also do this to a trash basket or by decorating the simple things. also a new coat of paint can be all the renovation aswell.

could you make a plexiglass counter top with pebbles underneath?

Something I did that was REALLY cheap was use paper mache mixed with a little paint (you can use any non toxic paints-acrylic,powder paints etc) and then I sand counter first slightly so paper mache will stick well especially if it has slick top) basically covered my sink counter with (gave it a stone look) and after it was completely dry (takes awhile so use a fan to speed up drying) use water based poly urethane (several coats) looks great !!!! can also use to frame a mirror or on floors like tiles or cobblestone just do small area at a time letting them dry and again use a polyurethane as a final step....(did this as a test in a closet that I had to take carpet out of cause of a leaky water heater...works great !!) Oh and you can use a lighter color paper mache as the grout between tiles/cobbles stone on floor ...and do some test tiles til you find the a color you like for everything... you can also add some shimmer by using a little metalic paint dabbed on AFTER you lay down tiles.cobblestones but while they are still damp.... you can add pebbles to the grout paper maches between tiles just add laying paper maches grout and press pebbles in...also just be sure to press it well so it adheres well ....saw this done on a craft show on TV can't remember ladys name that did it but it really works!!!!!

I would not recommend embedding pebbles in grout. It wouldn't look right, it would hurt to stand on for the length of a shower and would be impossible to clean. What you could do is make a channel around the outside of the shower and fill it with the pebbles. Step over it to get in, still get the natural feeling and if you ever decide to remodel it's as simple as sweeping them up.

you could put pebbles on the floor. embed them in the stuff you use to put down tiles.

on the floor you can put many pebbles and surround all of them with the stuff you use with tiles . it would be a pebble floor like at some beaches. you could also make a pattern with the pebbles.

The simplest thing would be to fill plain glass vases, or large clear jars, with the pebbles of your choice and stand them around the bathroom.

Stand a line of pebbles along the back edge of the windowsill, or hot-glue a row under the front edge.

Find a simple wood-framed mirror and glue stuff (driftwood? dried seaweed?) all over the frame.

Hang strings of pebbles from where-ever you fancy in the room.

If you have a pull-string light switch, remove the toggle on the end, and tie on a stone with a hole in it.

You can buy clear resin toilet seats with stuff embedded, such as these, which can match any theme you want.