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I need firefox to look like IE7 Answered

Right down to the bar at the top, this new computer just needs something better. Also, how do you run 2 graphics cards together?


why you need it to look like ie7 ? there is chance that a board can support both pcie / agp card and the onboard card if not then try agp and pci card (there are pci cards from around 98 - 99 like 3dfx voodoo / ati rage etc that support good resolutions. i got 1680 x 1050 easily on voodoo 3 3000 pci)

Install Firefox for yourself and IE for your father to use.

This would be easier if you had different user accounts.

Another alternative would be to install a portable suite such as this one to a flash drive and run Firefox off of that.

Or you can just install FirefoxPortable to the hard drive. IE is still default, and Koolaid can use Firefox.

Most ppl don't like Firefox simply because it is not Internet Explorer (ie, (no pun intended) different than what they are used to). The logic (or lack thereof) is completely flawed, but that is their reasoning.

my mom complained too. i gave her 2 options firefox explorer AND DONT CALL ME ANYMORE IF YOU GET A VIRUS firefox accepted instantly

To run two graphics cards, they need to be two of exactly the same card, pci express, both nvidia and ati do there own branded versions of it.

required for sli / xfire only to jus plug in 2 monitors any 2 cards are ok

To run to graphics cards together your motherboard will need to support crossfire mode and (obviously) will need to have two PCI-e ports.