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I need glue recipes to use with my papercrafting projects Answered

I discovered the glue I was using was not holding my papercraft beads and other stuff together. I need a strong glue to hold them together. I need a recipe so I can make enough of it myself and not have to skimp on glue. Anyone have a recipe for strong glue that can be brushed on the paper and hold long after the project is finished?


For holding paper together, wheat starch glue can be used; it can be made quite cheaply at home and in huge quantities. A few drops of wintergreen or clove oil (available from a pharmacy) will keep it from going bad. Another good alternative for paper would be methylcellulose-based wallpaper paste. This is often sold in powder form at home improvement stores, and is relatively inexpensive.

PVA is generally good, look for just that rather than branded PVA formulations, you can get good thick stuff in tubs and water it down (or not) to suit your needs. L

Agreed - It's what holds all my papercraft projects together. If you want it thicker, look for wood glue - same stuff, less water.

Last time I bought some it was in a big tub, rather thick for "industrial" use I expect. I did papier-maiche with it. L