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I need help copying this circuit. Answered

I need help copying this circuit so that i can experiment with it using microphones and speakers and cameras and screens. If somebody could identify the components that would be magnificent. i just need to know whats on there so i can copy it. I mostly need to know what those black things are.


Nowhere near enough detail. We need part numbers off the components, and/or a lot more magnification, and/or information about what this thing is supposed to be in the first place.

At the VERY least, telling us what you extracted this from, and why you think it has anything to do with "microphones and speakers and cameras and screens", would be helpful.

In fact, the better place to start would be for you to tell us what it is you're trying to do and ask whether we know of circuits for doing that.

Ok, the circuit is from an old toy that has a microphone attached and an earpiece attached. You turn it on and it just transmits whatever he mic hears to he earpiece. I'm trying to find a way to connect video from a camera to a display using a circuit. And sorry about he pics.

Uhm.... Sounds like it's just an amplifier. And it sounds like you aren't trying to transmit this via radio, or any great distance...

What kind of camera, what kind of display? If it's a PC display and a webcam, all you need is software. If it's a PC display and a non-webcam, you need video capture hardware. If it's a webcam and a non-PC display, you need a PC in the middle and video output from the PC. If it's a non-webcam and non-PC display, why doesn't a suitable cable do everything you need?

Planning on using just a camera off the internet and using a small LCD or LED display. And again, sorry about the pictures, my camera isnt very good and the good camera isnt with me.

Im just asking for help to copy this circuit so that maybe I could tweak it to suit my needs. All I really need is a circuit able to connect a non-webcam camera to a screen

I don't think copying this circuit will do anything useful for you.

I know it won't be useful, but I can use it for other purposes

Websearching "two-transistor amplifier circuit" finds equivalent circuits.

Looking at one of those, and comparing it to this, may help you trace out this one, if you really want to understand this specific PCB.

You want to connect a video stream to a cheap audio circuit?
Do it any way that you like, because you'll not get anything useful out of it whichever way it's done.



6 years ago

Here is the  Preeminent  Definitive ible on circuit copy.
Now, I know how to reverse engineer a circuit board and I'm good at it.
But this instructable raises circuit discovery to an Art Form ! 

PS  Sorry man, after you see the ible you will understand that no one except the builders of the un-readable pics you post here could help you :-Þ


Life's too short, Its much easier to redesign.


Your photographs are not good enough - I guess this is an amplifier so perhaps you would be better just building one of the many amplifier and or mixer circuits from new components - There is a lot on the web if you search.

Them's lectronics parts. Thay contain much magic smoke. Don't let out the magic smoke.