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I need help creating a basic interface for arduino. Answered

i was wondering what would be the best prgram to learn for creating UI's for sending signals to an arduino, this would be simply like a button or box that a value could be typed in

for now i plan to just play with some LED's but my goal is to have an interface with the equivalent of a d-pad so that i could control the pan/tilt of my latest project

and later on (my next project) control the speed of motors/servos or activate preset patterns for a spirograph 

i would really like to get started and learn how to but im at a loss in where to start



Best Answer 6 years ago


It uses a similar IDE to arduino, you code programs that run on the computer side with standard C language, and it can talk to your arduino.

Thats what i was thinking, my only question is , how hard is it to make the "boxs" or buttons?

extremely easy;

I forget if there is a designTime form builder or if you have to make stuff like buttons at runtime, but its extremely simple;

Search for the instructions and you'll find the basic tutorials are crazy easy!