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I need help creating a light circuit for my car. can anyone help? Answered

Lately, I have felt that when driving at night that Im having a hard time seeing things. Ive put 8000k HID bulbs in but yet im still having problems seeing. So I figured if I put in OEM fog lights then I could have 4 8000K HID bulbs rather than 2. twice the bulbs twice the light. my problem is that I already have LED fog lights on my car. They are offset style which I prefer over having fog lights under the head lights. I want to keep my LED fog lights and add new OEM fog lights.

I only want the OEM fog lights to light when when the head lights are on and the LED fogs to light any other time only if the head lights are off

ive already ordered the OEM fog lights so how can i design a circuit that can do this?


"Lately, I have felt that when driving at night that Im having a hard time seeing things. "

If that's the case, you really ought to get your vision tested. Certain vitamin deficiencies can affect your sight, and this needs checking out

I have had my eyes checked. And granted that my eyes are slightly worse than last time, I mean to say that things aren't bright enough.
Although do explain what vitamin deficiencys could cause this

Yes, I understood that, but if things are looking "dim", at night, its quite possible you have a night vision defect, its actually quite common, and can be helped by vitamin A.

1) Do not use fog lights when its not foggy. It will blind people and they will crash into you. If they have a dash recorder cam they can use that against you in court, and you will lose. Police have been known to ticket people for using fogs when not necessary.
2) 'more' light doesn't mean more useful light. If the bulb you replaced your halogen with HID isn't the same focal point, it will generate a different beam pattern (the reflector is more important than the bulb) -- and you will need to AIM your headlights.
You want more light on the road surface, and some above the road surface, with a very small percentage going up to illuminate signs.

As for powering these things, use relays. Have the power being applied to the headlights cut off the power to the ignition-on powered lights.

Actually more driver use fog lights in combination with head lights than not here. In a rural area in not sure if that is true, and if I were driving in a city area they wouldn't even be necessary.

As for the focus point these fog lights come with a screw and nut the allows you to adjust the angle of the beam. I'll just be sure to keep it low.

So I would need to wire it power-> headlights -> relay-> fog lights
And have my aftermarket lights remain on the switch system I have them on?