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I need help designing a simple outdoor wheelchair for an adult that reclines flat to become a bed. Answered

I want to design a simple outdoor wheelchair that reclines flat to become a bed. This is for my disabled brother. Unfortunately, I can't weld, so extra points if it is made out of some parts that don't need welding. I want to take my brother camping, but he tires easily and needs to lie down. I am going to use a small pop-up awning with sides to create a little bedroom for him when he needs to rest, but I need help coming up with this chair design. Seems simple but all sorts of practical issues are stumping me. It should go over typical campground terrain. I could buy "Wheeleez" fat tires for a million dollars but my bank account does not allow that.  Likewise pre-made wheelchairs that become beds are exorbitant.  Thank you for any help you can provide!?


Your asking a lot.

Safety is a major issue here. Look at how ambulance stretchers are made.

Square section aluminium tube bolted together with attention to triangulation will serve you well.

I've never built such a thing before, but I recently saw an antique wheelchair conversion for an old rocking chair. It looked like a regular chair that had sort of a wheelchair kit attached to its rockers. Basically this kit consisted of wheels attached to two different shafts, and each shaft clamped to the rocking chair's rockers. IIt was the first and only one I've ever seen. I was thinking that maybe you could take a folding outdoor lounge chair (the kind that folds) and attach some stationary wheels to the back and swivel wheels to the front.

You would need wheels larger than casters -- wheels designed for a hand truck would seem to be ideal (and they are cheap).

Another source for wheels might be an old wheelchair from a yard sale. I occasionally see them for less that $40.

Don't know if this helps or not. Good luck with your project.