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I need help finding a special kingd of interlocking dog toy. Answered

My Poodle Hybrid has found this toy a challenge, the only one he has not outsmarted, or taken apart.

Due to my recent fall and subsequent memory concerns, I can not for the life remember, where I bought them. Most of my Purchases are online.
the balls have a nozzle on the outside, and diameter is approx. 4 inches,
I included a picture of the 2 balls I have.

Any advice or help is welcome.



I could not upload the picture.

But i uploaded the picture in the Comment section


except the ones Insaw are made in china. I try to avoid those

If you go to a pet shop to buy them, yes, they will probably come from there, but if you go to your local butcher, you'll probably have some. For example, here in France, my butcher use to give me some for free because no one buys them.You should give a try !

You should maybe try to buy him pig ears. They are cheap, and usually they really love them. Moreover this helps them to clean their teath.