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I need help fixing my laptop! Answered

I would like to use my laptop on my college campus but they require everybody connecting to the network to register the computer or whatever you're using and download their anti-viris to connect. When i try to connect it says i need the service pack for windows. when i try to install the service pack it says settings have been changed and i need to run the windows install/fix disk or program that came with my laptop, i didn't get a disk and i cant find a program, the only other option i can think of is to reinstall windows but that would delete all of my information. i have everything backed up to an external hardrive but i would prefer to not need to transfer everything back. Is there anything i can do?


visit Microsoft Fixit, many repairs can be run from their servers with a click of the RUN button
Good luck


5 years ago

Doing a windows repair will not delete your profile or any of your programs. It is one of the options when you boot from the Windows DVD.
However there are some other things to try before you get that drastic.
First is to do a deep scan for malware. Use the malewarebytes program which is free. Sometimes those type of programs will cause problems with updates and such.
Get the service pack on a CD or on a thumdrive and install it that way rather than letting it update off of the Microsoft web site. And before you try and install it run the uninstall on the one you did install. It is in the control panel in add & remove programs. Uninstall it then reboot and reinstall it. You might even want to run the install in safe mode that way nothing else interfere with it. After you run the service pack there are about 500 meg of new updates. You need to get all of those too. You should be able to do all of this without needing to have the Windows DVD.

You r laptop didn't come with a disk because it has that information stored on a separate partition on the HDD. There should be a program that will access that info for you and/or allow you to burn a restore disk.

In the end you may be forced to fully restore the laptop to factory setting and have to reinstall all of your data from your backups.

It had a partition that it saved restore points to but somehow something erased everything in the partition, I created a restore disk but when I ran it to fix what I needed it didn't change anything.

Contact the manufacture and see about getting a restore disk. it will restore the laptop to the way it when when you took it out of the store. Don't be surprised if they charge you for it. Worst case scenario is you have to buy a copy of Win7.

What version of windows are you using? xp, vista, 7, 8? is it 32 bit or 64 bit? what kind of laptop do you have?

I have a gateway nv, windows 7 home premium, 64 bit