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I need help for my kids room Answered

I am trying to figure this out and I am not very artistically inclined. I want to make an 8" globe look similar to the light bulb I have posted  a picture of. I am making a solar system that hangs from my sons bedroom because I am remodeling his room in a space theme. I will also be doing a fiber optic star ceiling above it, so it will have day/night modes if you will. I want the sun to be a hanging globe light that looks cool, and I remembered those spikey light bulbs they used to sell in the head shops when I was younger (much younger!). I have gathered that it is done with silicone, but I can't figure out the technique. And how do you get it colored?
Any help would be appeciated and I would love to see if somebody could figure this out.



There website is under construction but here you go http://www.colorriteinc.com/
Premixed colored silicon caulks. Put them in the fridge first. That will work perfect. Hard to get to come out of the tube though.

Just a guess here but adding color to silicone like you would make color frosting for cakes. Then put into a baggy, snip a corner and squeeze bag then dab onto the bulb, over and over till covered.

....making sure before putting it in the bag that the mixture was suficiantly "stiff" to make the spikes without falling over.....I like your idea :-)