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I need help getting a burnt effect on a prop, please. Answered

I'm making Chell's companion cube for part of a costume, and I want it to look scorched like it did at the end of the game. How can I achieve this effect? The cube is going to be constructed of simple materials like cardboard and foam. I've considered just going at it with black spray paint, but I'm not sure it'll be convincing. Help?


very easy to do. take a super soaker and fill it with gasoline. then right before the prop goes on stage, hold a zippo in front of the supersoaker and spray the prop down with fire. You should expect very realistic scorch marks.

If you hold it close over a candle flame, it will get sooty.

Don't hold it too close for too long, or the burnt effect will look really convincing...

Paint would probably be the most durable, but if it's just something that's short-term or won't be handled a lot you can try making some movie burn gelatin and just put it on your prop instead of a person.