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I need help heating my inground gunnite pool Answered

we live in new england and just opened our pool over memorial day weekend. the problem is our pool never gets above 65! We need some help on getting our pool to be warm enough so we dont get sick every time we go in it! we have tried lining the inside of the pool with a thin black plastic but that doesnt seem to be helping. could you please help us with some CHEAP ideas becasue money is tight and our pool is freezing.!



The biggest problem with inground pools is that if they are not insulated on the outside the ground (usually about 55 degrees) will continually suck all of your warmth out. Also if you don't have a solar cover I would strongly advise getting one, they really help keep the heat in at night. I have an above ground pool that I insulated on the outside, I live in central Wisconsin, which stays pretty cold until June. The insulation helped alot but it wasn't enough in the spring so I built a wood fired pool heater using a 55 gal. barrel and a barrel stove kit. The whole thing cost me about $200 but now I can start a fire using scrap wood and junk mail and heat my pool, the best part is that I can keep the fire going all night and only loose about 1 degree even when the night temps get down to 55. I have a 24' round pool with 12000 gallons. I have had my pool for 9 years and have tried just about everything to keep it warm, solar is good but not enough by itself. If you would like more info or pics on my heater just let me know.


9 years ago

Is your pool in direct sunlight? It sounds like it might not be (or else the black plastic would help more). I think you should avoid an electrical solution, as they would require a certified electrician to ensure you don't electrocute yourself. One solution I would look into is a modified version of this Instructable:
If you treat the pool as your water tank, you could pump water out of the top your pool using something like a sump pump (http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_08302925000P?vName=Outdoor%20Living&cName=OutdoorDecor&sName=Fountains%20&%20Pumps&psid=FROOGLE01&sid=IDx20070921x00003a)
The output from the pump could be fed into a solar heater, and then back into the bottom of the pool. This would act like you were introducing a hot water tap into the pool, slowly warming the rest of the water. Care is needed to ensure the water going in is not hot enough to burn you.