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I need help making a big man bike for my friend? Answered

My friend that weighs 300+ pounds wants me to make him a bike. I have been looking around on the web and have been having trouble finding some plans that are not to complicated. In the end i would like to put a 5hp motor on it. I have about 3 years experence of highschool metalwork and mechanics and the ability to weld. Please help!!



5 years ago

Hello Don,t try this at home,

You may know this already but there are two types of basic wheel; one has single walls and the other has double walls.

The double wall rimmed wheels are much stronger and usually have eyelets where the nipples sit.

An example of the difference between the two types can be found here.

Most decent mountain bikes will come with these as standard.

Kind regards



5 years ago

I take it your looking to get him a bicycle and motorize it!?

Most bike frames will support over 300 pounds as long as your not trying to pull off any BMX tricks. The main problem area is the wheels. You will want a set of rims that have more spokes or use a larger than typical gauge wire for the spokes. The tires and tubes should be fine as long as you have enough air in them.

I was kinda hopeing to make the frame myself so i can be sure it can hold him. i am not good at drawing up plans but i can weld pipe together good. I was looking at some tires on ebay thats about 2" wide. I think that would work for it.

Tire width isn't what you have to worry about. Its all the spokes supporting the tire. If there isn't enough support the rim will buckle.

Welding your own frame is easy enough. You can look at any basic bike and get the measurements you need.