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I need help making a electrostatic generator?? Answered

hey i'd like to make a device i can attach to say my foot ,that if i touch someone they would get a shock basically like when you walk with socks over a carpet but the effect is automated. A guy made an ible https://www.instructables.com/id/The-mini-electrostatic-generator/ where he makes what im describing but its not very detailed. any ideas?



6 years ago

The physiology of a static shock occurs when a charge of electric energy,
spark leaves or enters the skin and stimulates a pin point of nerve tissue.

To avoid static shocks I hold a coin spreading the electric energy over a
huge area compared to a spark jumping from a skin pin point.
I don't feel a shock but a person on the other side of the coin will feel
the spark entering their skin.

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2kv at how many mA can this provide can it kill a person

I'm making it........

hahaha yeah its basically needed for my so called "iron man suit" its a weapons suit me and a friend are building. so far we have a prometheus glove. afew additions we are hoping to develop is "gecko"gloves , this device and much more!
will this trick only work for static or will it also work for an electrical shock?

It works with any Tiny Small electrical current limited high voltage device,
where your body acts as the bouncing pith ball in a Van De Graaff static

If you make the mistake of using an electrical source that has a lot of stored energy the thimble on your finger wont protect you from the affect
of a dangerous current flow and you will find yourself on the floor !
Maybe even with a fluttering ( fibrillating ) cardiac muscle which would
keep you from getting back up !!


If you want to give a lil shock you can make a lil buzzer outta a long grill lighter usin the igniter

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I think funky-alex's instructable, the one you linked to,
is surprisingly clear.  

At least he included a circuit diagram.  That helps.  Although it looks to me like there is a small error on it.  Usually pins 2 and 6 of the 555 timer are connected together when using it as an oscillator.

Anyway, if you have seen similar things before, you will realize that what he is doing,  is using a 555 timer as an oscillator,
to drive the base of a transistor, which is switching current on and off to the primary winding of that little transformer there.

Then the secondary winding is driving some sort of voltage multiplier; i.e. that big network made of diodes and capacitors.

I don't know if that looks simple to you, or not, but I claim the trick to getting something like this to work, is to make sure each little subsystem works. Get the 555 oscillator circuit working first, and then try driving the transistor/transformer with it.

BTW, if you are looking for a shortcut, I have seen a circuit similar to this one inside of one of those electronic fly swatter gizmos.

And those fly swatter gizmos should be pretty cheap, maybe 10 USD or less, at the time of this writing, assuming you can find one of those in your local marketplace.

Also those car air ionizer gizmos,
use a circuit that is similar.

Your far better off with a mechanical buzzer if you just like a joke or a tazar if you want to hurt.

Note people who hurt get hurt!

Like re-design said, using your body as any part of the conducting medium means you'll get the shock too.

I've never had too much success with static generating devices, but I do know that static works best under a few conditions: Low humidity, and a high difference in charge between the objects. This means that you'll likely have to wear rubber-soled shoes when operating the device, because if you don't, the generated static will simply flow through you and into the ground. Your victim must also NOT be wearing shoes, and should have a good electrical contact with the ground in order to achieve the biggest effect.

Also, be careful. Just because it's static doesn't mean it's harmless. People who have pacemakers, heart, or neurological problems should never be used as victims. Also, do not shock anyone in the chest-region, as even the tiniest electrical currents can mess up the entire pacemaking system of the heart.

Using your body as the conduit means that you will get the same shock as the victim.