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I need help? on how remove the top bearing from my dewalt DW613 --------C tpye 1 router? Answered

I have look at my router and found that the top bearing needs replacing.how do remove the bearing I think that it come out from the top,and how do I go about changing this bearing please help me 



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you can get the motor shaft out of the upper bearing great. 

A.  Use a rod or socket on an extention that will be used to drive out the bearing.  Make sure you are pushing from the right direction.  I believe it moves toward the top from the inside.  Use taps from a mallet.  If it doesn't move use more force.  Careful that you don't break the alum. frame.  If you hit it pretty hard and still no movement then move to step two.

2.  Strip off everything on the upper half that is plastic, rubber etc.  Using a propane torch heat up the aluminum frame around the bearing while tapping as above in step A.  The heat will make the aluminum frame expand more than the bearing and it will slip out.

I've never had to pull the bearing out of a router but i've used this method on several drills and atleast 25 large model airplane motors that I bought and rebuilt over the years.

Good luck.

I have posted a picture to let you see the bearing in question,but the housing around it is plastic 

Re-design thank you for your advice and time to help me,this router does not have a bearing retainer and I will try to upload a better picture Hibbie

Picture nokia.jpg

I'd say it should be pushed out from the inside.  I see that there is not a retainer so it must just be a press fit mearing.

many thanks for your help          re-design    your method really help me ,so hopefully my router will be up and running again  and thank you also lemonie       Hibbie    

Photographs please - let us see what you're looking at?


That helped Re-design, go with him.


many thanks lemonie    hibbie

Is that a retaining ring I see on top of the bearing?  If so remove that from the retaining slot and the bearing should come out.

Squeeze the ends of the ring with the holes in each side together and it should come out. 

Unless I'm seeing something that is not there.