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I need help on what colors to use on my ghillie suit? Answered

In my area "Delaware" in the woods we got alot of dead leaves and kinda open/exposed woodland so should i make a ghillie suit to match the leaves of the bushes/trees?


Remember when picking colors to chose what is on the ground or 2-3' off of the ground. If you are trying to be stealthy the tallest you should ever be is 2-3' high.

Take a picture of your enviroment, and look at it objectivly. It will probably be varying shades of brown/green/straw, etc. Anything that really pops (ie red from leaves, flowers) should be avoided but can be added as natural vegetation if you are in that spot.

NOTE! Black is actually a no no for guillie suits, use it very sparingly. Reason is black does not actually occur in nature, black will be naturally created by the shadows within the guillie.

Most camouflage patterns use at least 2 contrasting colors. Army "woodland" cammo uses 3 (forest green, black, & brown). The most effective camouflage should blend in with the local vegetation and the season. An all around basic camouflage pattern should probably have a mix of light and dark green, brown or tan, and black or dark gray. You can weave in cut pieces of local vegetation to the suit to blend in more completely.

I would use varying shades of green. Like I said before, blend in 2 or 3 contrasting colors. Green, brown, & black are pretty standard combinations.

Piece of cake.

Think about the area you want your ghille suit to blend in to and go there. Pick a few specimens from the area like dead leaves, a chunk of bark, moss or whatever and bring them home with you. Then decide how you are going to color your ghille suit (dye, paint, etc) and bring your specimens to the store with you. Pick whatever colors that match the best.

One of my hobbies is geocaching and I used some scraps of an old burlap sack to make a ghille-camouflaged ammo can. I went to the spot where I wanted to hide it (in the crotch of a tree) and took a couple pieces of bark and pine needles. I brought them to the store with me and picked out spraypaint that matched the colors. I used the spraypaint to mist the burlap and mimic the colors. When I returned to hide the ammo can, I placed it where it belonged and walked away. I turned around to look one more time and couldn't see it. I had to walk back up to it to make sure it was still there!

Only if you want to be camouflaged by your suit...

Make your suit mimic the color of the area you are going to be in. That means if you need one for more than one season you may need many different suits.