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I need help to study Answered

Hey everyone, Im in my last year of school and my most important exams are coming up, these exams will decide whether I get into university or not. This is my second year doing this year because last year I f**ked up my exams so I repeated. I don’t want it to happen again. I really need advice on how to study and what to do and what not to do. I just feel really lazy, and im very pessimistic about life. Ever since I saw loose change, I got addicted to the internet, sitting on my ass all the time, I didn’t really care about life anymore because of what I see happening in the world. I think it’s because im not doing much exercising which is making me feel lazy. If Anyone wants to second that, or give me advice or links please do. I appreciate it



11 years ago

Sounds like you completely lack motivation, I would try a few things, first get a crappy job, flipping burgers in Mac Donalds or something like that, which will soon teach you where you could end up without decent qualifications or skills. Will help with motivation, Think about where you want to work with your uni qualifications when you get them, get in touch with a company you would like to work for and ask for a company tour, give yourself something to aim for. ask yourself if you really want to go to college, is it becuase its expected of you , if you are having trouble studying and motivating yourself now, what makes you think it will be different when you get to college? Think about a trade, apprenticeship, on the job training something like that that doesnt require you to solely study for exams. If you do decide you need to study and you probably do have to get these exams, approach it in small chunks. Study for 20 minute blocks, rather than trying to sit for hours at a time, set yourself small targets and reward yourself when you achieve them, It is essential that you study somewhere you dont have access to your computer, if the internet is your particular temptation, identify your top 5 time wasters and make sure your study location is free of these distractions. Try and study at the same time and in the same place each day to build the habit. Study can be very tedious, think about studying with someone, not a good mate becuase you will be tempted to chat, find the brightest best achiever in your year and study with him, at his house preferably so you are not close to your own distractions, if you commit to being somewhere with someone then its harder to flake on that committment. Look up the net for study techniques and put them into practice, study by drawing concepts, use plasticene to make models, draw/write key concepts and stick them on your walls so they are always in your consciousness, record yourself reading essential notes and go walking/running listening to your notes (again this is away from distractions and you get exercise) check out your diet, if its full of sugary food you might be having blood sugar slumps that affect your concentration and mood, actually rereading your post, so daylight, fresh air, exercise and good nutrition are what you really need. find a mentor (someone you admire and respect most people will be flattered to be asked to mentor so aim high in your choice!) , make a schedule and get them to monitor your achievements, plan a schedule of rewards when you achieve targets, any other questions then ask me. Some books that might help, Awaken the Giant within, Anthony Robbins (its a bit gung-ho but it has a lot of good techniques about motivation) Tricks of the mind, Derrin Brown (has good memory techniques) Good luck with it, feel free to get in touch if you need more help. I teach at a college part of what I teach is study skills.

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