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I need help transferring from old laptop to new lap top files old laptop can't go to internet card went out.? Answered

I need to tranfer my data files and pics from old laptop to new laptop


DVD, Memory stick, CDs.

Actually if you think about it I bet a lot of the files you haven't used in a year so they may as well remain archived.


7 years ago

You have a lot of choices here, some depend on what you plan on doing with the old machine.
If the network adapter no longer works you can get fixes for that. There are usb network adapters and PCMCI network cards. So it depends on what kind of plugs your notebook has. Another simple option is to take out the hard drive and plug it into the new machine with a USB adapter or a SATA cable depending on what kind of hard drive it is. If there is enough space on the new drive I sometimes clone the entire partition to the new drive. So there are lots of options.

Use a usb device. FLASH drives on the order of several GB are cheap, and you may already have several. It could be a bit slow depending on the volume of stuff you want to move. A better option would be to use a USB hard drive. Even if you don't already own one, they are a good thing to have for backup, and even 500GB or larger one can be had for $80 or less.

I would think that this method would in general be faster than any internet based transfer anyway.