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my rubiks cubes solved. Answered

picture 1 I solved my 5 by 5 for the first time!!! picture 2 is the Rubik's magic. very strange puzzle pretty easy I might add. picture 3 my Rubik's cube just started solving itself. more coming soon also look out for my instructable on how to solve the 4 by 4


ive solved this once... i would do more, just when my brother isnt looking


do you think that the V-cubes are really good quality? like better than Rubik's cubes or would you say about the same. I'm getting one for my birth day. probably.

my 5 by 5 rubiks is the smoothest most bestest cube I have. grammatical errors intended. did you lube it? I did it spins by it's self it was terrible when I first got it but once it loosened up it was great!

it wouls have to be a 7x7 lol i love my 5x5 i lubed it and it's amazing. 1 problem sometimes the inner 3x3 corners turn. But it still spins like a ball bearing so I love it. When i first got it it felt like rubbing bricks together.

I can but I haven't learned the movements for the top corners yet. so I have to mess it up and try again when I don't know how to switch the two.

serious because I haven't took the time to learn how to solve that one yet, but I just learned the special move for the 5 by 5 :)

Once you click the living Rubik's Cube (third picture) you can't click on any other picture!

Yay! I can do that too! :-)

I can do it better! >:) maybe. some times it takes me a long time but my record is 13 minutes.

I call it a lot of memorization. there are several different moves to move the cubes into certain places. the picture of the cube solving it's self is each step that you need to do to solve it ,but it can be different.

do you solve it layer by layer or centers then edges?

I solve it centers edges and then just like the 3 by 3. I can do it in around 20 mins. I haven't timed it yet but I will soon.

nice burrito, i just did my 5x5 earlier today, which instructions did you use if any?

I did it myself after learning the 4 by 4 but one of the edge special moves for the 5 by 5 I got stuck on and looked it up. That's what this topic was made for I was going to ask how to do it but i figured it out myself. thanks. I solved it again it only took me a half of an hour now that I know how to fix the edges. the picture shows my edge problem.