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I need help with R4DS and a micro sd card!!!! Answered

i downloaded the starting progams to a 4 gb mirco sd hc card, it wouldn't even load. ("loading" was the only thing that would appear.) I used to have 2 gb micro sd that worked. Is there a program I need to add?


Which R4DS card do you have, if you have the original r4 flashcard, you can not use the 4G sd card, it can only support 2G SD card, can not support SDHC. And another, you should download the correct firmware wood V1.47.


8 years ago

same thing with me my friend had same prob we searched an we found that the highest gig u can use on some is 2 this is because some of the r4's can use anything above two becasue of some malfunctining prob

copy all your file and folders from the 2gb to the 4gb and see if it works. if not then download the latest patch of the r4ds. but if that doesn't work then it might be speed of your 4gb is to slow to run games for your DS