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I need help with a CSI costume for Halloween Answered

Does anyone know how to make a CSI costume for Halloween without it costing a fortune and make it look like they do on the TV show with the vest and everything? Here is what I want it to look like: http://kccb.livejournal.com/profile Just scroll down a little bit and its like the second pic down o something. Thanks so much. The main problem is with the vest, and any help will be greatly appreciated.


I cold spend a long time telling you how bad CSI is, but to be honest it's that long since I saw it I've happily forgotten most of it...


t-shirt, black or dark blue jeans or cargo pants, vest and boots can be found at a surplus store and the hat also at a surplus store white gloves and everything else should be straight forward

I would suggest a few things...
1) dont forget rubber gloves (the thin white medical type)
2) vests... hmmm only have 1 idea... Nerf is coming out with a "Tactical Vest" which could easily be modified to look like that using a black marker, silver duct tape, and home made iron on patch kits for the badge/names. 
3) the boots are easy, just cloth with elastic around the end. easy to make, or yiu can steal them from some museums or similar locations... (NOTE I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF ANYONE DOES STEAL THEM FROM A MUSEUM)
4) hat, you can buy black hats with CSI embroidered on them in some places... or even get it custom made at other places for roughly $20.

hope i helped!

Ps the general clothing is all up to you lol