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I need help with a project ASAP, involving arduinos, solar panels, clocks and sensors (motion detectors) Very technical! Answered

I am new to all of this technology. I am trying to create a solar-powered alarm clock that has a sensor instead of a snooze button. The point of the sensor was to send a signal to cut off the sound of the alarm (as would a snooze button.) I came up with the idea, however, I don't know how to begin it, what materials to gather, or what to do to accomplish this idea. Now, the problem is, i have less than a week to finish this. So any simple tips/advice, would help, please!

All I know is that the alarm could have an arduino to begin the process. i'm just not sure how to finish/succeed in the making of my idea.



Best Answer 5 years ago

1) Most microProcessors keep terrible time - they run on crystal oscillators that are good enough to run, but terrible at keeping stable time (with temperature variation) - look into a RTC - real time clock chip to add stable (+- a few seconds a year) time to your device. Alternately, add gps, even indoors you can get a fix once in a while if near a window and its enough just to get timestamp (not location if poor signal).

2) Solar powered? Add a battery, add a solar panel.

3) Sensor to snooze -- add a snooze function, have it be activated by sensor. Take your pic. Bonus points for detecting an abrupt voltage drop from the solar panel = hand over the panel.

thought - if indoors, a solar panel is virtually useless - you don't get much electricity from light produced by light bulbs. It's enough to run a small calculator, sure, they run in the microamps range.
Look into articles on how to make the arduino extremely low power.

No, MOST of the reason is because people don't use the on board timers properly......Handling the timer interrupt WITHOUT turning off the timer to service it makes them very good, it just takes skill.

Bear in mind, an RTC ALSO uses a crystal oscillator/

thank you for helping me out. I appreciate it.

1ASAP isn't going to get you an answer any faster and will put a lot of people off

2How much do you know at this time

3Our crystal ball is broken so tell us more about what it must do and the sensor

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