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I need help with a wheelchair costume. Answered

This is not for an instructable,or the Halloween contest. I posted here becouse I thought people would see it. I am cross posting in Answers. Our church does Trunk N Treat for Halloween and with my husband being the pastor, we have to participate. We had been planning all year to go as Discworld Igor and Igorina but the committee decided that they wanted church members to either have fun or bible related costumes. My first idea was my wheelchair and my upper body as a flower and my head and back as a butterfly with my husband as a butterfly catcher. He did not like that idea. He came up with wearing pajamas and carrying large teddy bears and over sized bottles. Do you have any ideas on how I can disguise my chair as a playpen or crib or something else? Most of ya'll seem to be so creative. I can bake and cook but I do not have much creativity. Thank you for at least listening to me. eetzel This is a picture of me in my chair.



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What a cute cat! :) :) :) Okay now, down to business - Note 1: My religious education is sadly lacking, as will be amply demonstrated below. If you can't figure out what/who I'm talking about (example: "that guy, you know - the one who begat that other guy" :), let me know and I'll do enough research to get you names & whatever else is needed. Note B: If any of these ideas seem sacrilegious, please know that I intend no offense. Also, these are just my crazy-nutty suggestions - it's your job/privilege to ignore the ones you don't like. - To get the ol' sacrilege ball rolling right from the start: "Lucifer sat at the right hand of God," (and, moreover, was said to be the most beautiful :). You'll be seated, and it should be easy enough to keep Pastor Hubby on your left. :) Get him a long beard and some grandly flowing robes, and deck the wheelchair out as a Heavenly Golden Throne. You get to be Lucifer just as he (or she - why not?) was changing from the brightest of all the angels into the darkest of, er, non-angels - horns pushing your halo off the back of your head, a red devil's costume showing under your diaphanous white angelic robe, the sides and middle string of your harp turning into the tines of a pitch fork, maybe even a forked red tail poking out from the back of the wheelchair...? - Adam & Eve. Wheelchair is the apple tree, with the trunk underneath you and apple-decked branches coming up around sides and back. You and hubby are wearing whatever number & arrangement of fig leaves you'd feel most comfortable with, and you have a stash of apples to offer everyone (chase Hubby around the room trying to give him one every once in a while :). Serpent optional (unless Hubby wants to be the serpent). - Noah's wife. Wheelchair made into the Ark, Hubby dressed as Noah. Use pairs of beanie-baby-sized plush toys (cheap at thrift stores) for the animals, perhaps giving them away to kiddies as the night goes on. - You're Baby Moses, wheelchair is willow basket (with maybe a few rushes here and there), hubby is either the Princess who found Moses (but whose name escapes me) or something else less gender-bending. - (Was going to suggest you as Jonah, wheelchair as the whale, but am afraid that might feel a little too close to home. That, and I can't think of anything for Hubby but a gourd vine; which would be hard to do, way out of sequence with the text, and just kinda weird.) - Okay, this is one where I don't know the names: was it Rachel? or Leah? (or Esther?) in the bath with some-King-or-other (David or Solomon, I'm pretty sure) spying on her. Wheelchair as bathtub, you wearing towel and/or robe, Hubby wearing kingly garb and a leer :). - Wheelchair is a bed of lilies, you're a deer, Hubby is the boundingly eager "Love" from the Song of Solomon. :) - Hubby is Joseph, you're Mary, wheelchair is donkey. Mary is usually depicted riding sidesaddle, so you could rig the donkey's head to one wheelchair arm and the tail to the other. - Okay, I'm not sure it's really possible to actually pull this one off; but, oh, if you could: Hubby is A Rich Man of the biblical era (that's the easy part); wheelchair is a needle; and you are a camel, sitting easily and comfortably within the eye thereof. :)

It is Bathsheba and King David - but good costume idea I think we will be going with the Noah's ark or the Garden of eden one

Thanks for giving me "Best Answer." :)

Bathsheba always trips me up - I think I'm only thinking "Bathsheba" because she was in the bath, but of course she didn't have that problem because she was in the (insert Hebrew word for "bath" here).

Noah's ark was my own personal fave for practicality at a real church function, so I'm glad to see it as one of your two top contenders :).

BTW, what is "Trunk and Treat"? (Are elephants involved?)

Well for our church: Everybody who wants to (and signs up ahead) Comes and parks their car (or more likely SUV or Pickup) in the church parking lot. They then decorate the vehicle with a theme. Last year one person did a zoo. They had stuffed animals in cages plus rabbits and a dog I think. They dressed as zookeepers. We dressed our van as a haunted house; I was a witch - brooms strapped to my chair, hubby dressed as a movie zombie. The committee also organized games and food. The cars give out candy and treats. Church families come as well as families from the neighborhoods around the church. Part fair, part safe trick or treat, all fun.

Hey - what with the zoo & its keepers, there probably were elephants involved. :)

Thanks for filling me in.

How about going as the burning bush and your husband can be Moses?

Have you considered Bob the tomato, and Larry the cucumber? Both would take little effort (green and red leaf/lawn bags, stuffed). The tall and short theme would work well here.

That would be so cute - except my husband would make a better eggplant and I don't think there is an eggplant character.

i'm not great with politics so sorry if this is weird in any way but: you could rig coregated cardboard to the wheels of the chair as caterpiller tracks and you could but a big carpet/poster tube on your arm, camoflage everything up and you could be a tank. your hubby could stand in front of you in protest. my friend did this at a halloween do' a few years back and it went down well.


Perhaps you could use cardboard and make your wheelchair into a chariot; along the sides of the chariot/cardboard could be the waves of the sea parting as did for the Israelites when they fled. Your husband could be the guy (sorry I forget) who led them.

(deep shame but big smiles!) ermm..yes, I did forget! lol!

You're in good (well, at least in my :) company: There is no way that I will live down that time I said: "...that guy who went riding into Jerusalem on a white mule - or maybe it was a donkey? - and there were a bunch of palm fronds involved somehow-or-other?" (Eetzel could deck out the wheelchair with palm fronds and fix a mulish-loking white hobby horse head to the front of the wheelchair, but I don't think that would rank #1 in the great book of Good Moves for Pastor's Wives.)

I'd be tempted to tell the committee to take a hike and go as what makes you happy. Promoting reading is a good thing, and the Diskworld books are some of the best social satire currently being written as well as just plain being a hoot.

If you're going to take advantage of the chair as an opportunity to do something different (and I like that idea) Hovercraft? Other vehicle or riding beast? Dalek, or other skirt-bodied robot? ("Dalek Pest Control -- We Exterminate!")

I know I've seen some interesting things done with costuming chairs at SF conventions, but I can't remember exactly what. (I'm late and it's tired.) You might want to try dropping a note to the International Costumer's Guild and asking if they have a good reference. (http://www.costume.org/)

(And darn it, I need to finish the renovations so I can get cats!)

You could build a fake crib using doubled cardboard, or even using trellis lathe if the hubby is handy with wood.

BTW "Answers" isn't just for ibles, it's for pretty much any question that people here can answer. :)