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I need help with modding my original xbox, can you help? Answered

I found an original xbox (1.0 motherboard) at a garage sale because i wanted to put linux on it. I softmodded it with the splinter cell exploit like on this. I now have the xbox at the modded xbox dashboard. I wanted to put in a new hard drive so it would have more space for linux and installing stuff. when I plugged in the hard drive it didn't boot up. I think I have to replace the BIOS with cromwell (using raincoat). I know you have to make 2 bridges on the motherboard to rewrite the BIOS and i have done that. Now I'm at a confusing part, do i have to use bSOd to flash the BIOS or is there something else i have to do? Thank you for the help.


now does anyone know if i install/use the xebian cd, will it allow me to have a bigger hard drive or do i have to flash the bios to do it?

Did you do the hot powered swap on the hdd? I recall you needed the original drive in the xbox to unlock it, then xfer the powered drive's data cable to a computer to copy some important info, then copy that info to the new drive...but I could be way off base.