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I need help with my xbox 360. The drive makes a buzzing noise when i try to open it, and it doesn't open. Answered

I had to replace the drive and all of that went well, but now the drive just simply won't open. the rubber band isn't the problem, i already tried that. Don't give me any stupid irrelevant answers or tell me not to open the xbox because 1) i just broke a ccfl 2) It's an old machine anyway and fixing it was cheaper than sending it in and 3) i hate stupid people.


I know exactly what the problem is. I fixed a friends that was doing the very same thing. He had not just replaced the drive but the symptom sounds the same. The problem is I don't like people telling me what no to do before I do it, so I'm not going to tell you.

That always got to me too... It's okay to ask not to be flamed (although that should be assumed, and thusly reported/ignored only if it does happen)

Part of the fun of trying to answering these questions is the occasional opportunity to make a lame joke, witty remark that falls short or otherwise irrelevant answer. The asker's gotta take the good with the bad. If he can't then, he shouldn't expect the good. We ain't gettin paid for this.

buzzing or clicking indicates the drive is stuck and the motor is spinning - having either dislodged or damaged the rack/pinion gears. If they've become damaged or worn, the buzzing will be the gears spinning without engaging, and you're pretty much screwed. If the drive is just jammed for some reason then 'unjamming' it by removing the faceplate, and pushing the eject button pinhole to hopefully unjam the tray might help. Good luck - you may need a new drive.

Sounds like something's jamming the little motor, try checking that.