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I need ideas for projects using plastic soda rings, inlcuding how to connect them. Answered

I'm working with a youth group, & we get a ton of the plastic rings at work. Instead of throwing them away, I would like to have projects for the kids. We have kids of all ages, so would like any projects for any ages.


Do you mean the rings at the neck of the bottle that break off of the safety seal when you first open the bottle cap? I'm looking for good projects to use them in, too (as well as a good descriptive name for them). So far the only thing I've come up with is a festive chain garland, like the paper chains used for homemade Christmas decorations. You have to cut every other ring to insert the rings on either side, and then re-seal it somehow. I'm still looking for a good way to re-join the cut edges back together. I've gotten moderately good results heat welding them with a soldering iron, but hope eventually to do better with some other method.

Oops - wrong rings! :(

Googling "six pack ring crafts" turns up lots of interesting-looking projects, including a chair and a curtain made from six-pack rings.

Make pseudo-camoflage netting by tying them together into large open-work sheets. As cjbikenut wrote, cut out the individual rings and loop them into ropes/garlands. Hang them on the wall or from rods as towel holders. Okay, those are all (at least my two) pretty lame ideas. You might also consider typing "six-pack ring projects" into Google and see what comes up.

you could cut them into individual loops and daisy chain them into a rope.


9 years ago

You could make a few layers and make bags, or umbrellas, or something along those lines. It's really great that you're keeping those things out of landfills and the ocean!