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I need like a big light circle (with LEDs). Then, when I hit it (hard) I need the LEDs off. Answered

What's the less complicated way to build it?
Please Help! Thanks!



Best Answer 5 years ago

How easily does this need to be reset? Meaning, are you going to hit it once then have time to reset or replace a switch like RavensCraft suggested or do you need to hit it again and have it come back on?

If it's a one shot then reset thing then you can use a strip of tinfoil as a wire. Place the tinfoil in such a way that when you hit everything it breaks, cutting the circuit. You then reset the circuit by replacing the tinfoil.

If you need to be able to turn it on and off then use a normal push switch. Just set the switch back from the surface you are hitting so that it is contacted only enough to barely toggle the switch.

Yes, this needs to be reset like 30 seg after hit it. But manually. it's for a game so I need this constantly working in that way...

I think I'm gonna try option 2, sounds really good!

Thank you very much for reply!

Another option would be to make a contact patch on the outside of the inside piece of the LED ring (the part that moves when hit) and a matching patch on the inside of the ring that surrounds the LED ring (the part that doesn't move when the button is pushed). When the button is pushed the patches would separate and break the circuit. I've tried to draw a picture to explain.

LED Button.png

Great! I appreciate this! Really helpful

I think the simplest way would be just to have a loose piece of metal
as part of the electrical path for the circuit.
Then a hard hit would cause the loose piece of metal to be
knocked away from the electrical path and thus turn off the LED ring.
Tether the piece of metal with thread so when it gets knocked away,
you won't have to search for it.

Thanks for the reply man. I'll give it a try!!