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I need people who can speak Answered

I have a theory, that I will be able to wake up easier if someone who's voice I don't recognize tells me to. I am asking if anyone who can would record their voice saying: "It is time to wake up now" After this is recorded save it as a mp3 or wav and upload the file and post it in a comment below. Thanks!


the only time i wake up immediately is when I am in a panic. Which usually means I am late for school or work.... not sure how that is supposed to be helpful to you, but now you know a little more about me lol


9 years ago

MS Sam? I suggest a high voice (like a female) because humans respond better to a higher pitch.

What you need is a guy with a loud voice and possible combat stress tell you, you have 7 min and 40 secs to have your bed made, S***/shave/brush teeth and ready to go or he is going to smoke the F*** out of you. have the recording rigged up to the lights as well.

remember kids, there is no snooze on a drill Sergeant!

Dude...don't do that to me! It's been almost 25 years....

That is a life I could not adapt to.....I am pretty strict with myself, but when someone else gets uppity with me and in my face, I have this tendency to tell them what they can do with themselves LOL Obviously this doesn't happen often with me.

they only do that in basic and in combat arms. if your a pog they talk to you like your an adult. I was in Korea maning my station and I watched out the tent window and this Staff Sgt scream at this private for 10 minutes basic training style. (they were infantry) Saying things like, did you shave this morning? with what a F***ing toothbrush? Then he comes into my tent and goes, hey we got some extra hamburgers and hot dogs over there, go get some because we cooked too many.

The truth is, even for a little bit, hearing that would bring out the Smarta$$ in me, but if I heard him doing it to someone else that couldn't defend themselves verbally, I would end up in attack mode.

Saying things like, did you shave this morning? with what a F***ing toothbrush?

Answer: What the h311 do you care? Is my face to abrasive against your feme'd'la fem skin? (I tend to either return stupid abuse in either sesquipedalian or foreign words).

Well you got that whole thing called UCMJ. They cant really fire you but they can make you do extra work for less pay. And thats probably worse.

I guess I have just gotten intolerant of the aforementioned behavior in my advancing age ;-)

just have the full rantings of full metal jacket... that should have you wake up laughing...

I probably could, but I don't think my voice will do much of anything. "Why is there a five year old girl in my bedroom?" "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

I think you're much more likely to wake up quickly if the stranger's voice says...

Mmm... good morning darling!

... especially if the voice shares your own gender...

ill help when i find my mic.,.. also try using HAL's voice

Is this supposed to be a psychology experiment or something...?

Kinda, I just had the idea and I wanted to test it.