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I need some help hooking up my cnc? Answered

ok guys this is what I have. I bought a D&M4 machining center (mill) with stepper motors, I just got these from probotix


24Volt 8.5amp Switching Power Supply
100-240VAC 50-60Hz http://www.probotix.com/power_supplies

I do better with software than hardware and I have no Idea what to do next
I'll upload as many photos as I can
but It is a huge mess.



"First step"
RTFM <sorry>

Next, get a meter and/or the motor datasheet and find the pairs of wires for each coil in the stepper motor. I'd check with probotix - the datasheet isn't clear on wiring motors that aren't theirs.

Next, Run power INDIVIDUALLY from the PSU to the Sidesteps, connect ribbons to the breakout boards, and see where you go from there. This thing doesn't seem to have limit switch inputs, which are CRITICAL for safe control of a CNC machine.