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I need some help with paper mache angry birds for a party game Answered

For my daughter's b-day I want to make an Angry Bird game out of small pinatas. I've never actually played the game myself (prob the only person in the world who hasn't) because I don't hove time. But I thought it would be fun if I could make small birds and pigs out of paper maché, about 7 inches in diameter. Then I want to make a catapult, and hang the birds from strings from the ceiling, and have the kids shoot the pigs at them.

How's that sound? First of all, is that how the game is played--pigs hit birds? Or is it vice versa? And I need the pig pinatas to be durable enough to shoot without collapsping in the catapult, and hard enough to break the birds. I want to put candy in all of them, and have quite a few on hand so all the kids can get a shot.

I made a cool catepillar pinata a couple years ago for her but the kids couldn't break it because I made it too thick -__- So, I need some help with my "recipe"...




Hey, guess what!!! I'm ditching the party idea! After buying over 100 euros of stuff for it, I've decided -- no frikkin party.

Why? Because at the last birthday party for one of my daughter's classmates, two moms got into a fistfight in front of all the kids.

I ABSOLUTELY cannot deal with these people.

Unless anyone has a really good way to word an invite saying NO FRIKKIN PARENTS ALLOWED.

The only thing I can come up with is having the party at my house, which is small, and saying that, due to space restrictions, no parents...but that means no Angry Birds either :-(

And I even have an Angry Bird cake topper with my daughter's name on it :-(

Oooooh I hate these incivil Italian parents. Does this stuff happen in other countries, too?

On the invitation may be you could put: NO CHAPERONS NEEDED to send out the hint... maybe make some kind of obstacle course to get all of the kids energy out? where hitting the pigs is the last thing they do, so they dont throw/launch them as hard? Or, if worst comes to worst, just limit the amount of guests your daughter can invite, thats what my parents did and I turned out fine... I  think

Sadly, yes. In the USA the parents sometimes set a terrible example for the kids. This happens most often at youth sporting events, but also at weddings and birthday parties.

How about if you still have the party but state clearly on the invitations that the adults must conduct themselves like civilized human beings - no fighting or name-calling, etc. Would the offending parties be willing to behave or stay home? Or be ushered outside by the good parents at the first sign of trouble brewing?

I would make the birds fairly strong, and omit filling them with candy, so they can be re-usable for shooting at the pigs. I would also make the pigs with a really thin layer of newspaper, especially since you plan to hang them with string. (You might want to do a test run to see how thin to make them). Using a balloon would be the easiest to get the pig shape and head. If you make the body and head separate, you can fill the bodies with candy and then paper mache the head on afterwards.

You might also want to make a few "levels of difficulty". Maybe some of the pigs have better (or more) candy in them, and are made with a harder paper mache shell. Then the other ones are thinner and easier to break, with maybe less candy. You could also make one a "mystery prize" winner, by including a special note inside, or just make one a "Sorry you lose. You and your parent must clean up the mess" note. lol... (That'll teach those little brats and their parents). ;)

OMG that is too funny...I think I will put the note in it, with "SUCKA" at the end. And if they ask me to translate, I'll say it means "GOOD GAME"

I like the levels of difficulty...anything that would keep the kids occupied for the most amount of time would be the best. Unfortunately I just read that the average 4th grader has an attention span of 2 minutes (O.o) because of the jamming they get from TV and video games, so it's not as easy to make fun parties anymore. When I was a kid party hats, clothes pins dropped in a bottle and hotdogs made us happy.

Now I'm going to practically engineer a project (with all of you helping me hehe)

lol... I see we have similar thought processes. ;)

I know what you mean. Kids are very different from when I was younger. We didn't need as much stimuli to keep our attention. ADHD was treated by sending the fidgety kid to play outside until they burned all that energy and kids didn't spend as much time glued to electronics. That being said, I think you can still make this game and the party a success and a lot of fun.

Have you thought about how many chances each kid will get to shoot at the pigs? Maybe give each kid a certain number of tries, but also create some trivia questions and the ones to answer correctly get additional tries. If the kids know there is something "worth-while" to win, they'll be even more interested in playing. So maybe you put a gift card in one pig or coupons to a movie theater or something along those lines, to keep their interest.

Make sure you take pictures. I'd like to see how it turns out. ;)


6 years ago

p.s. If you're really in a super huge hurry, get some brown paper lunch bags, stuff them with wadded newspaper, and staple shut for "blocks." Make the balloon pigs, and throw tennis balls at them for birds. You can probably manage that setup in less than 1 hour, and the kids will still have about the same amount of fun ;)


6 years ago

Feb 11, 2012. 11:06 AMRaksab says:
I think you need to improve the ratio of work to fun. Forget the catapult, too hard and too dangerous. Make birds and let the kids throw them at the pigs instead (outdoors please!) Bring a dog along to chase the balls.

The birds will have to be solid to wreak appropriate destruction. I suggest you get some softballs (like baseballs but bigger), cover them in colored duct tape or masking tape, and paint eyeballs, eyebrows, and beaks on (or use more colored tape) to represent the birds. If the kids are too young, get some nerf balls and decorate them instead. Then make some huge papier-mache pigs (hollow, not filled, they must be lightweight!) for targets. If you're really in a hurry, just inflate some green balloons, draw with black felt tip marker for eyes and snouts.

Get lots of empty cardboard boxes (different sizes are fine). Tape them closed, paint them like bricks or stones if you wish, or just cover them in newspaper or wrapping paper. Stack up the empty boxes in any way you wish (be creative and make a few crazy towers), place the pigs on them, and let the kids throw the bird balls at 'em to knock down. This is important; the whole fun of the game is not destroying the pigs, it's destroying the structures!!

You can also make some papier-mache "golden eggs" to fill with candy. These should be awarded to the kids and smashed open after all the "pigs" are defeated.

Try making the pinata (paper mache a balloon, then pop it so you have a hollow core) and maybe make the birds have darts for beaks so they break easier. It depends on how old they are.

o HELL no...they're nine and ten, but even if they were 15 I wouldn't give any of THESE kids a weapon. I'm not happy about doing the party in the first place! Here, where I live, kids are SPOILED BRATS, and even if their parents stay to supervise (which they don't--supervise, that it--they stay to EAT) the kids still go crazy.

So, no weapons, nu-uh, no way.

But, hey, thanks for the idea ;-D

It is flying birds shot from a slingshot striking pigs in some stacked up structure of blocks. You should make one of these and not a catapult, although those are fun too.

I would recommend that you make the pigs not as pinatas but something like those pumpkin halloween baskets with an open top or loose covering. Create some "bricks" or "blocks of ice" out of shoeboxes, etc. just wrapped in some decorative paper or paper that the kids can draw on.  That way you can have the kids stack them up in the same configuration as the levels advance in the game and also shoot with the slingshot - angry birds made from the rubber sponge ball.  You would have a tough time breaking a pinata with another papier mache projectile without an armor-piercing tip and booster rockets.  If you knock down the structure, candy should spill out from the "pigs".  Have them use the slingshot blindfolded if you really want to and your insurance is paid up.  

The other option is to pin the pigs up on a themed board.  Have them toss softballs at them.

Good luck.

Hahaha I'm so out of it. Everyone in the WORLD knows how to play the game and I've never even seen it :-) Thanks, your ideas are good...I have until March 31 to get it together, so I can contemplate what will work out best.

Whatever I do I'll put up pics...

I love this idea and can't wait to see it come together! I'm going to put my brain to it, but I'm sure the rest of the community will be on it before I can even find a good paste recipe for you!

I'm still brainstorming...I've bought some balloons so if I start making one bird or pig every three or four days, by the time of the party, March 31, we should have a lot. (Yes, I COULD do the math here and actually know how many I'd hyave but I DON'T DO MATH...I'm allergic to it.)

I'll put up pics as I go :-D

It's birds hit pigs.

You could try making the birds sort-of-solid, maybe full of screwed up newspaper, and they should survive a shot or three.

Browse this site, there are a few Angry Birds projects already.

Gawd I'm a nerd, and not even a cool one. I'm the only person in the world probably who didn't know it's birds hitting pigs.

I'm going to keep looking around for ideas, I have until March 31...I just want it to be as fun as possible. :-)