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I need some home-remedies for a stopped up ear. Anybody have any? Answered

I just had a cold, and my ear has been stopped up all morning, but only one ear. I'll try anything that helps, but natural remedies are preferred. It's really bothering me, so help would be greatly appreciated.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Most likely its an air pressure thing, probably from blowing your stuffy nose too hard. Use the same technique you use when going up a mountain in a car or flying in  an airplane. Chew gum and open your mouth as wide as you can and yawn vigorously.  Putting drops or liquids in your your ear canal probably won't help this condition.You need to equalize the pressure on your inner ear.

Dilute hydrogen peroxide. Really does a job on ear wax.

 alka seltzer just a smidge of a tablet with some water in your ear

Try useing a hair drier on warm, not hot! and gently blow the air in the ear.  This works wonders and is also good to use when you get water in your ears when swimming. 

Well, since posting this question, my ear has naturally unstopped on it's own. But, don't think that doesn't mean i won't select a best answer. I will wait to see if my ear is stopped up tomorrow, and I will try a few of the listed remedies, and i will select the best answer accordingly. Thanks for the answers everybody, and sorry that I won't choose a best answer till later.

Olive Oil, I put some into an eggcup and then pour it into my ear (Head turned sideways) for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water.

Irrigate with warm salt water. Repeat as needed.


8 years ago

Is it painful?  It might be an ear infection.

quitips? Plugging your nose, closing your mouth, and blowing?