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I need some ideas for cheap or homemade toys for lots of animals! Answered

I'm doing a project for the local pet shop - or I think I am. The owner hasn't agreed or disagreed yet. I need a lot of toy ideas for all kinds of rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, kittens, and puppies. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!


IF you put a sock inside another sock then tye a knot so the sock inside sock cant get out your dogs will be very happy. My dog went nuts with it for ever. Then again he does have a sort of sock fettish.

No problem. Glad I could help

Get a pop bottle and put pennies or rice in it it makes for a good rattle

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! You just helped three or four puppies - not to mention me! That will save me SO MUCH MONEY!!! Dog toys are expensive. I think I might even have an old pair of socks that don't fit anymore!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!