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I need some info about the Alienware m15x laptop. Answered

1. can it handle gamecube emulators ( before anyone says anything, I know it's a gaming laptop ) 2. how is it's performance compared to a Mac or a normal laptop


It will run a Gamecube emulator, but without much grace. I have a 3 Ghz dual core, with 2 GiB of 800 Mhz RAM, and two 8600 GT's in SLI, and my system barely can run Mario Kart Double Dash on its most minimal emulation settings. I've heard even people with i7's struggle with Gamecube emulation.

I'd say it's performance would be pretty good compared to a Mac, since we all know that Mac's are overpriced piles of... well, I don't want to start a huge debate over the merits of Apple products so I'll just drop that. Suffice to say that a laptop of the exact same hardware would cost twice as much if it were a Mac. As for it's performance compared to a normal laptop, it depends on what you classify as normal. Most laptops today some with some variation of a dual core, around 2 Ghz, with ~ 2-3 GiB of RAM, and mediocre Intel or ATI integrated graphics (for the typical kind you'll see at Wally-World for 500-800 bucks). So compared to that, the m15x is pretty decent, with a 8600M or 8800M GTX graphics card. It'll handle most modern games, some with better results than others. If you're looking to play games like Call of Duty 4/5, Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, or Unreal Tournament 3, then you'll definitely be able to play them. Whether you can max them out will depend on whether you get the 8600M or the 8800M GTX. And games like Far Cry 2, Crysis, or Fallout 3 probably wouldn't do so well.

So overall I'd say if you're looking for a stable laptop to run all of your applications and to do some moderate gaming, then you'd be pretty well off with the m15x. If you want a hardcore gaming laptop with enough guts to power through Crysis on "High"... well, then you'd better look somewhere else.

A side note about OS's - it'll probably come with Vista, and everyone seems to hate Vista. I've run it for two years now and had no problems, other than ones what were my fault. So if it seems slow, try getting rid of all the pre-installed manufacturer's bloatware and killing some apps that run on startup.

Last but not least - this was the review I was consulting for the majority of my information.

the link you gave was for the old m15x ( the new one looks like m17x and have more upgrades)

Ah, so this laptop instead? Yeah, you can run pretty much anything on that - I'd say go for the GTX 260 and as fast of a processor as you can afford. You'd definitely be able to run Gamecube games at a very playable FPS. I'm jealous... it makes my rig look like a Apple II :).