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I need some measurements/diagrams for a ukulele, particularly fret spacing. Answered

I want to make an 'ible for this ukulele project, but I can't find any good diagrams or measurements for making one. I don't know the measurements for fret spacing either. Any size ukulele would work.                 ( baritone, concert, tenor, etc.)
Free plans only, please. I don't want to have to buy them on Ebay.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Here's a fret spacing calculator.  I g00gled "ukulele fret calculator".

You can g00gle "fret plans" and probably get the same results that I can.  I'd be much better if you did it so that YOU can filter out the ones you don't want since if I do that I might not pick the best ones for you.

Thanks for the idea! (I would've done that earlier if I had the idea)


8 years ago

As far as I know, here is the common dimensions for each ukulele size. The given measures represents the total length of vibrating string (aka from the nut to the saddle) :

- soprano : from 12 to 14 inches
- concert : from 14 to 16 inches
- tenor : from 16 to 18 inches
- baryton : more than 18 inches

how do you calculate fret placement ?
let's take an example : soprano ukulele with length of vibrating string = 34 centimeters.
You have a "magic" factor, wich is 17,817
the position of first fret is given by the formula :
s = 34 / 17,817
so approximatively 1,91 cm from the nut

the second fret position :
total length is diminished from 1,91 cm :
34 - 1,91 = 32,09
we repeat the same formula with this new dimension :
s = 32,09 / 17,817
=> 1,80
second fret will be located 1,91 + 1,80 so 3,71 centimeters from the nut.

And so on... you will notice that your 12th fret will exactly lie at the middle of the string this way, wich is its perfect position. I guess someone knowning mathematics will explain this a whole lot better than me :(