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I need someone to help me with me 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 led cube schematics? Answered

Im making them to run off my arduino UNO, And Im sure most of you are tired of seeing these. But Im going to do a 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 before tackling the massive task of the 8x8x8.

I want to make sure Im doing it right, And I drew up some very basic schematics as for what I need to do. Im hoping these are at least somewhere in the ballpark.





So yeah, thats what I have so far, as for led's heres the specs:
Life Rating : 100,000 Hours
Emitted Colour : Blue
Size (mm) : 5mm
Lens Colour : Water clear
Peak Wave Length (nm) : 460 ~ 470
Forward Voltage (V) :  3.0 ~ 3.4
Reverse Current (uA) : <= 30
Luminous Intensity Typ Iv (mcd) : 6000(Typical) ~ 8000(Max)
Viewing Angle : 20~25 Degree
Max Power Dissipation(PM): 80mW
Max Peak Forward Current(IFP): 75mA
Lead Soldering Temperature : 240 Degree (<5Sec)
Operating Temperature Range : -25 ~ +85 Degree
Preservative Temperature Range : -30 ~ +100 Degree

Not sure what resistors I need though.


>> over there >> in related shows all the existing instructables on making led cubes. If you can't find what you're looking for there, nobody will be designing it just to answer the question.

I have looked at them all. many times. Ive designed them already. I need to figure out if what Ive made will work. before investing money into breaking things.

Does your protoboard picture line up with a design someone has already made? If we don't know what schematic you're following then verifying your circuit will be difficult.

I haven't looked too closely, but you may need a small resistor on your transistors too so they don't see a short circuit at any point.

Im pretty sure the transistors will have a resistor, Again not sure which ones to use. Im following designs from other builds but Im modifying it. same idea, different look. I believe my 4x4x4 was sorta from forte's guide. Im not too sure, I got the 3x3x3 idea from a youtube video.

Right, the leds resistor will act as a collector emitter limiter -- but there is nothing to limit base-emitter current. (I might have that backwards for pnp).

Yeah Im using npn transistors,

2N4401 NPN transistor - thats what I want to use as I can get them from radioshack.

So Im thinking That it will work, I do need to add resistors to the transistors on the schematic though, the base of the transistor should have a resistor. But I dont know which values to use for each cube for the led's im using.

Thanks for the speedy replies too. +1

Im using a mix of this:

and this for the 4x4x4:

as for the 3x3x3 I used this: