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I need suggestions on how to fix an RJ45 socket that will not keep the cable connected? Answered

The little catches that hold the ethernet cable in place have been broken off. I've used duct tape as a temporary solution. Replacing the jack on a 5 year old laptop is too expensive. I'm posting a photo of a broken jack and one that isn't. The one on the left is broken.


think of the buckles on sopping cart belts. a system like that, and it would be the most secure plug evar.

theres a instructable on how to fix it

Super glue a tab off the side of the computer that you can attach a rather thick rubber band to. Loop the band around the cable so that it is pulling on the cable and pushing the plug in. Or you could make a hook out of insulated wire and hook it into the vent slots below the computer and hook the band to that. Not perfect but use able until you get another computer, and be a little more careful next time. Good luck.