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I need to build a custom base for my 42" plasma TV. It will need to be kind of like the one in the link below Answered

The link above is to a instructable that i want to base my tv stand/base of off but i need to make sure it will hold my 42 inch plasma tv. it is a Vizio if anyone needs to know dimensions heres a link! 
Thank you and I hope you can help!


The one in the link you provided it a 32" and our 42" won't weigh much more than the 32".

2 x 4's properly glued and screwed together will hold much more weight that you're going to put on them. 

Just a thought on the design.  While it amy be pretty stable forward and to the sides it is very unstable toward the back.  If it is pushed against the wall that won't be a problem but if pulled out to install wiring or clean behind it won't take much of a tap or tug to push it over backward and then it won't matter how strong the stand is.

If I were building this I would make the front feet 2x4 laid flat instead of vertical and trimmed.  And maybe moved out 6" on each side to make the base a little wider.

Yep, that's exactly what I thought too. Too many weak points to go uncorrected.
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8 years ago

Doubled 2x4s as shown in the instructable are more than adequate to support 80 pounds, assuming all of the joints and connections are well secured. While I like the creativity,  I see a some weaknesses that would give me concern.
For the mounting plate I would not use anything less than 1/2" plywood, let-in to the 2x4s. Use large fender washers, 1 1/4" in diameter,  under the mounting screws to prevent pull-through. Dado all of the joints and fasten all with glue and screws.
The biggest issues are the strength of the connections for the runners to the front and the lack of same for the back.  80 pounds, that far away from the connection will create a lot of leverage. It would't take much forward pressure to cause those two screws in each runner to tear out.   Any pressure to the rear sufficient to overcome its inertia (not  very much) , and its going to fall over. Period.
I would build a base that projects a minimum of 16" beyond the center of mass, front and rear, bolted, not screwed to the uprights.
For aesthetics, I would box it in with 1/8" luan mahogony plywood.