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I need to build a powersupply, 240 volts AC with an output of 12 volts dc and 8.5 amps anyone know any good circuits? Answered


You need a transformer and a rectifier at the least, and possibly the most. Could you be more specific as to what you need it for, as it may make a difference to the actual circuit(s)? L

its to power a fridge in a car, currently it runs of a car battery between 11 - 14 volts and current is between 8 and 10 amps, my mum wants to be able to connect it to 240 volts when at home. I have found a couple of circuits that would do the job just looking to the more experienced to see if there are any better options out there.

Can you show us these circuits? I think all you really need is a big 12V transformer, rectifier or 4 diodes and maybe a big smoothing capacitor. Plus a suitable connector. L