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I need to build a wireless switch, I would like to be able to access the single on/off switch via my home network? Answered

I'm looking to just control one on/off switch, using a low voltage to control 110v through a SSR. I would like to control up to eight relays but be able to increase or decrease the amount, depending on how many things I need to control. Software is not an issue, the hardware is were I'm having difficulties. I'm looking to keep this cheap, hopefully. 

So in conclusion, a single on/off wirelessly controlled switch on my home network, that supplies low voltage to a SSR to control a 110v. 

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Why not use an x10 firecracker connected to an arduino? Ditch the SSRs for x10 modules. Then you could connect the arduino to a machine and remote access it or buy a ethernet sheild and connect it o your router.

You might use any of the following:
- a raspberry pi
- an arduino with an ethernet shield
- an X10 relay controller
- many more

My thoughts on the Raspberry and arduino are the fact that these are multi-output, im looking for a single output. More like a wireless transreceiver, that when given an input over the network, triggers a 3-5v to operate my existing SSRs. Really I just need to know what I need to run a wireless transreceiver, to accomplish my task.