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I need to buy an R4i card for my nintendo 3DS to play the new Pokemon X/Y Answered

Hi eveybody, I need to buy an R4 card for my nintendo 3DS XL to play the new Pokemon Y
which one should I buy please? http://www.r4flashcart.com/8-wood-r4i-gold-3ds-flashcart-for-3ds-xl-3ds-dsi-and-ds-lite.html Can I play pokemon y and animal crossing with this r4i card please? and what is the FW version required....my 3dsXL is on8.1.0-19u now



4 years ago

Why would you want to buy an R4????? You could just buy the game like EVERYBODY else. I don't even see any benefit from having it on an R4.


4 years ago

pokemon Y is a 3ds rom, so if you want to play it on with r4 card, you
should buy the 3ds card like gateway 3ds, mt card and so. However, your
3dsxl is v8.1.0-19, all 3ds card can only work on 3ds FW stayed on
v4.1-4.5. So no 3ds roms for you, but you can play other ds or gba roms
on your 3ds v8.x. The r4i gold 3ds is a good choice, or also recommend
you another card r4i sdhc dual core, this one:
cheaper than r4i gold 3ds, but also has almost the same features,
after all you want to play 3ds roms, so you can buy one cheaper card to
spend your time to wait for more 3ds news.


4 years ago

I'm afraid,currently,there havnt any cards can allow you play pokemon x/y,animal crossing on N3DS V8.1.0-19,for all 3ds game cards only support play 3ds games on V4.1-4.5 firmware version, included r4 card. So currently,you can only buy a card to play nds roms, if r4 card is your favorite,then i suggest you buy this one :

http://www.modchipwarehouse.com/r4i-sdhc-rts-3ds-flashcart-for-3ds-xl-3ds-dsi-ds-lite-p-3.html ,this is the best r4isdhc card, with a regular updating and top game compatibility,this r4 card can directly work on N3DS V8.1.0-19.