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I need to change a batch files icon. Are there any good portable free programs out there? Answered




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the only way ive ever tried(that worked) was to put it in a folder (hidden) and create a shortcut, then you can change the shortcuts icon and name. but the file stays the same. sorry, thats all i got. BfAiTlCeH

OK, this worked wee, just one question, i can't find the folder again. it's on desktop, was that a bad idea and how do i get it back?

you can do a search for it, how did you lose it, and do you have the original file? Another way is to convert it to a .exe file, but you might not be able to edit it so make a copy before you convert it (i just found out today, sorry)

Don't worry too much, it's not a very important thing. i tried to search for it and it did not work. i need a way to reveal hidden folders. i don't know if there is another way to find it.

you could also make a batch file that reveals/creates SYSTEM hidden folders (so they cant be veiwed or searched as easily :P
the file should contain:

@echo off
color 2a
set /p undefine=Would you like to View or Hide (enterfilename+ext. here)? (v/h)
if %undefine%==h goto hide
if %undefine%==v goto view
attrib (filename+ext. here) +s +h
echo Complete!
attrib (filename+ext. here) -s -h
echo Complete

to 'reveal' hidden folders, you need to click.....My Computer>Change a Setting>Folder Options.... and look for

See, why does it say "null?" Please check out my question about this. I could use your help.

do what "B.F.L.M" says EXEPT put it in a secret folder!!!! to find one just search how to make an invisible folder

I answered this yesterday (another one vanishes). In Windows at least, default icons are assigned by file-extension. You can change the default icon through Folder Options - File Types. L

i checked, it did not work.

It does work, you've not done it right? Explorer window > Tools > Folder options > File Types Oh hang on, I can't find it now (did i find it before?). Post another question / forum Topic that says "What open-with do I use for a new Windows file-type that opens like a .bat - I want to create a new file type for batch files so that I can assign a custon icon for them" L L