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I need to create some type of gadget that will automatically loosen and tighten a bolt or screw for me at certain times! Answered

It would need to be attached to a thermostat or timer that will automatically loosen and tighten a bolt or screw when it hits a certain temperature or at a certain time. Any ideas?


A power drill connected to an Arundo?

You might want to back up a step and explain the purpose for which you need this. (Ask it as a separate Question.) There may be a simpler solution.

There are several possibilities for this. But the simple concept with the thermostat might be to use some mechanical means, like socket with extension, or rubber tube, to move the screw or bolt,(imagination required), to a D.C. motor. D.C. motors can usually rotate in either direction. The next thing to do would be to wire the motor to the power supply with two relays, in between the motor and power source. When energized, relay #1 would rotate the motor clockwise, when the thermostat reaches the proper point the relay would drop out and stop the motor. Relay #2 would simply be wired opposite of how relay #1 is and hooked to watch the other end of the window. With a timer the same idea, but the relay setup will need to be configured differently but the idea is still the same, relays and motors. Hope this helps.