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I need to find some parts. Answered

I need to know what the parts on the base and stand of this table are. If you know where I might be able to get them that would be awesome. I think it might be easy to find but would like to know more information before I go searching. Thanks in advance!



it's a rear end differential and a 35mm film reel

Oh so this is what you are going to make! I love it!

Actually, I'll be making a butcher block table. It's neat!

Oh ok! THat is still extremely awesome!

.  The upright part, including the bevel gear on top of the base, looks like a rear axle (RWD) to me.
.  I agree with Burf that the part under the glass is a film reel, but I'm guessing that it's closer to 70mm.
.  Not sure what the ?two? pieces under the bevel gear are, but they look like they could be auto drivetrain parts.

It's ok, it's a 35mm film reel. The pole and gear looking things are the rear end differential off of the back of a car. Thanks though.


7 years ago

The top piece is a 35mm movie film reel and the bottom piece looks like a torque converter from an automatic transmission, perhaps a bus or truck tranny. And of course some pipe and glass.

Never mind, I knew about the 35mm film reel. The bottom and pipe thing is a rear end differential off of a car.