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I need to get a server up and running!! Answered

Hello peeps. It is me again, I have a couple questions and I'm hoping that someone pays attention to it. 1. I tried to get my p2 (pentium 2) going so I could eventually use it as a media server/download server (it is fast when you get a few hundred mb of ram and 80 gig hd in there at 467mhz). Well it seems to have a habbit of rebooting itself when you think "aww I can relax now, I have windows installed and everything setup" then it "BOOSH" restarts and comes up with a lovely lovely lovely (I could go on like this seeing as I've reinstalled windows xp on here 10+ times, yes I sit in the corner from time to time and just shiver) error: System Disk Error, press ctrl+alt+del (never could find that key..). Somehow this clever ass machine has found a way to corrupt it's own partition. I have ram for it that once did work in there too, but now when I put it in now, it doesn't boot, hangs and beeps. So should I just trade it for another (I know a guy that runs a comp shop with quite a few oldies laying around, perhaps I could score a p3) or is there something I can do to get it up again, my parents paid around $2000 for it when it came out (apparently 32mb ram, 4mb agp card, 6 gig hd) is top of the line in 1999 :-/ ) and I wan't to "whip" a few more tb of data out of it. That being said,..on to the next question 2. I just upgraded/installed new software for my ibm thinkpad r51. Medly little ibm has all it's own network utilities and whatnot (but when you don't use it, it's hell frozen over). Well before the upgrading (just like upgrading software from say 3.5 to 4.1 or the such) I could see the ibm from my ibook g4, and share files, but it was nearly 1 way as the thinkpad couldn't see the mac for some ungodly reason. After install, nothing at all. I'm rather annoyed and having read article after article of documentation for microsoft and other sites, it seems as simple as just being connected to the same AP (yes I'm using wireless and btw, my router doesn't support cross networkings, so I can't share between wireless computers and those on ethernet, not a big problem so I'll move on)... and have them all on the same workgroup, which even if they aren't you're supposed to still be able to network and it appears to be just as simple as that. Apparently not. Why can't my windows pc's see each other on the wireless and I can't even see the thinkpad on my ibook anymore. One more people 3. I decided to hook my other desktop machine (Athlon xp 1800+), but unfortunatly it has a fan the size of my foot and a 8000rpm fan attached to it, while it keeps it almost down to 20 C, it makes so much noise you can hear it anywhere in the house, could I put a control knob or the such in line? Thanks for your help if anyone chooses to be a big help and give me a hand with a few things and I promise I won't bug again. I just have had these few things I need to fix for such a long time but no one wants to help me, I'll admit, it's not something anyone really wants to get into,..networking and whatnot, but if someone can just sit down with me, possibly on msn so I can try things out basically in real time, then I would be forever greatfull. -Punkguyta


I think it has bad ram slots, I only have one 128 chip that works and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and this is trying it in all different slots. And yea, usually it is the agp, they always make a fuss when it's not seated all the way. But that's not the problem. Because I can get video to show up, I think I'm just gonna ditch this computer.

Just a note..80Gb harddrive is too big to work properly on an old P2 mobo. Should try set the harddrive jumper to cap limit .

Theres always a limit on how much ram, how big of harddrive a mobo can handle. And for a 1999 model, that limit is quite low, the mobo manual (if its still around) can give you useful insights.

First of all, I upgraded the bios using manymany command prompts (took a while). So the cap is 137gb atm. The 80giger I have in my desktop computer now came from the p2. So stfu noob, jk jk

1) i suggest checking for magnets in the area. that or a bad hard drive controller come to mind. 2) absolutly no idea why it does not work 3) very easily. because your computer uses DC power, fan speed can be lowered by reducing current. follow these easy steps to reduce current: 1)locate the positive fan lead. it should be red. if there are more then 3 wires going to the fan abort this operation and project 2) go to radioshack 3) buy a potentiometer (the more turns the better) althought handels are not needed, they are a nice touch 4) wire it in on the positive side 5)turn on computer 6) turn meter until fan slows down BEWARE: GRADUALLY TURN FAN UP TO PREVENT OVERHEATING.


11 years ago

Do you have another computer? Put the hard drive in it and try formatting it.

Thanks for looking at the post, It's not really a matter of fixing it, I can fix it no problem, I can format it right on the p2 with the xp install disk, but why it keeps screwing up is what I'm looking for an answer to.