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I need to hem a wedding dress that has a lace border at the hem line. What do you suggest? Answered

I would raise the skirt at the waist, but the lace runs over that too. The dress has the same lace panels at the hem line and around the waist. I think I have to remove one of them to raise the hem 1 1/2 in. Which is the easiest way to do this?



 Would it be possible to sew a series of pintucks, which could be done to show on the outside or inside?  It would add extra detailing which could be a good thing---or not!  Or sew a big pintuck to show on the inside, with the seam just butting up to the lace; making it almost invisible.

1) Unpick lace border from hem. 2) Raise hem as needed. 3) Sew lace parder back onto hem. Usually the waist is a very structural part of the dress and messing with whatever darts, gathers and/or pleats come into the waist is a royal pain (although if this particular dress didn't have any lace at the waist, that might tend to even out the pain factor). Any chance the wearer can be convinced to wear shoes with a 1-1/2" higher heel? :)

I did tailoring at a wedding rental shop. We would unpick the lace at the waist and pull the gown up there, then tack the lace back on. If you can post a photo of the gown it would be easier to offer a solution.

Can you pull the hemline up and create a fold behind the border? I don't know what the words are for what I mean. Um... Would pulling the hemline up to where you need it to be, pinning it, then sewing at the top of the border, and removing or hiding the excess work?

Is there somewhere that you can make a flat dart or do the panels run verticaly all the way from the waist to the hem? Difficult to figure without some kind of picture : )