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I need to know about the speed of sounds.? Answered

If you yave a gunshot it is going at the speed of sound.  If you shoot two guns at the very same time with really no time difference then they, the sound, would be going twice the speed of sound.  then if you had two flashlights and turned them both on at the same particle of time then would'nt they be (the light that is) be moving at twice the speed of sound? This means is I had a mirror that had 100 percent reflection i could reflect back the light and it would get there before it left the bulb and if I had a really efficient photocell it could power itsellf and only need a battery to start up.Maybe I could even start it by flashing a strobe flash from a disposable camera at it.  Can somebody give me a link for the best photocell you can find.


Well, no; quantum theory implies that Spongebob is, in fact, green.


7 years ago

Ah, give him a break. He's just a kid. He'll get over his "I'll create an over-unity device and get RICH" phase soon enough. Hopefully. My advice to the OP: Dream all you like about impossible science, but don't let it get in the way of your schoolwork, and don't spend any money on it.

Complete rubbish I'm afraid, and I suspect you must know it.

Based on this character's other postings, and his wonderfully ironic username, I'd say he has no idea just how wrong all of that is.

No, no, apparently some day, according to his profile, "Thay will invent new prises just to be able to give me honores." Yes, maybe the Extra Strength Darwin Award.

It sounds like he may have run across info a time-causality expiriment ran by Ron Mallett and grossly misunderstood.

All wrong, right from the beginning. Please go to your local library and do some research on "sound."

Actually, I think this one qualifies as "not even wrong".


7 years ago

Hint: sound is not light, vice versa. Same goes for up and down or apples and oranges.

So if you stand on a line and throw a ball, and your friend standing on the same line throws a ball at exactly the same time and speed, both your balls are now travelling twice as fast ? Think about it.

Congratulations, you have achieved gibberish overunity.