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I need to know how to convert a coat closet to a long-term storage pantry? Answered

My family and I live in NE Florida, so we are prone to storm power blackouts. I need to learn how to conveert a coat closet to a long-term food storage/emergency supplies pantry.


. c'dad and theRIAA both have excellent answers. . I'd add water purification tablets (or some other way to make water safe to drink) and some first aid supplies to the list. And don't forget batteries for the radio.

I would say add those shelve systems that screw onto the wall and have arms that snap into the metal to hold the shelves up. You can use Cheap raw MDF (medium density fiberboard) cut to size at the hardware store instead of expensive pre-cut MDF shelves coated with plastic woodgrain. That will save you about a hundred dollars.

...just follow the instructions here:
there's already an instructable for this exact thing

I would think any cool, dry storage area like a closet would work. Just add shelves for easy access to all the items. It really is selecting the best choice for your foodstuffs that will go in there. All food should be marked with the date you put them in storage and an expiration date if any. Store only dry goods like sealed bags of pasta/ramen, canned goods, bottles of water. Also keep emergency supplies like candles. matches, radio handy. Use big drink coolers as the containers for your stuff. They would keep your perishible items cool for a little bit if you need to evacuate the freezer and have some ice somewhere. Hurricanes/tropical storms seem to be a bigger threat every year and it is smart to get prepared. Good luck.