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I need to know how to make a dash board like in a papermache way so I can make a mold. cheap to nearly free is preferred Answered

I have the rare opportunity to create a new interior for an aging kit car. I know what I need to do. I have the design, but little to no money. How can I create say the dash, and center console? Im looking to eventually make a mold of this so it can be replicated. I was thinking of eventually using glass resin body filler as a final fascia to provide an eventually super smooth surface once the carving and modifying is complete. Im talking to a master molds man in a few days, but could use some ideas for a construction materials to start with. So I can get to the point of making a mold for it, and start replicating my construction. Any ideas?


Clay works well. Keep it moist between sessions with a layer of saran wrap. When you have finsihed the sculpture, shellac the clay with a lot of layers and polish it as well as you can. Coat with car body wax, and finally a couple of layers of PVA adhesive, to work as the mould release. Your master moulder can take a rough female copy of the clay, polish more detail out on that, make ANOTHER male mould, which gets the production polish, and then he makes a final master mould. You CAN use silicone rubber, but you'd have to work out how to back it up for the main copy - I think plaster is used ?

How much is clay? where can I buy it, and how much would be needed to work this sixe of a project?


9 years ago

Try casting the paper mache around trash like cans, boxes, and balloons to get a general shape. Then, once the mache has dried, remove the inside stuph and smooth out the general mold wiith sandpaper. (would that work? i don't know)

it doesn't have to be paper mache, I just used that as an idea to set the platform for what I'm trying to do. I have skills, just no money for elaborate equipment, nor supplies. So I am trying to come up with ways to construct the concept. Later I can retool the design in glasslite to get the super smooth surface for casting the positive and negative molds. I just need a cheap source for making the construction.